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Learn How Our Program Works to

Achieve Your Goals

Our Science:

Unlock Your Genetic Makeup: Delve into your DNA or Gut Microbiome with advanced biological tests. Discover your biology’s role in wellness.

Our Technology:

Personalized Solutions: Harness the power of our exclusive machine learning algorithm, utilizing millions of data points for tailored programs.

Our Coaches:

Guidance Every Step: Certified coaches use hei’s personalized health programs to support your goals. Connect via built-in chat or video calls for convenient support.

Discover Your Health Insights

Learn How Our Program Works to Achieve Your Goals.

Week 1-3

Get Started

Meet your coach

Get introduced to your dedicated coach and share your personal goals to plot out your personalized energy boost plan.

Uncover health insights

Unlock the power of your unique Genetic Makeup (DNA & Gut Microbiome) with our advance biodata analysis Discover the exact energy boost solutions & program you need that is unique to your biology composition.

Find your focus area

Connecting all the dots- Your biology, diet, lifestyle, health insights and your focus areas for maximum impact.

Week 4-11

Habit Change

Weekly goals

You’ll receive weekly goals towards your health journey from your dedicated coach, here to support you in every nutrition decision.

Plan your meals

Your dedicated coach will prepare recipes based on your individual nutrition needs, shoppable with major retailers.

Track your progress

Keep on top of your progress by monitoring it in the app and see how your lifestyle changes to help you boost your daily energy.

Week 12


Review progress with your coach and go to set your next health goal!

“By taking a truly unique approach to our health, we can very easily boost 

energy levels , improve productivity & even slow down the process of ageing!”


Alex Hall – The DNA High Performance Coach


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Improve your health with our 12-week personalized wellness and nutrition program that is powered by our exclusive machine learning algorithm, which, powered by millions of data points and your unique profile.

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