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Personalised Health Program:

Sync health data for personalised nutrition-focused program.

Weekly Goals:

Weekly goals tailored by our team of doctors, dietitians & health coaches.

Personalized Meal Recommendation:

Personalized meal plans based on health goals.

Weekly Meal Plan:

Carefully crafted weekly meal plan that meet your unique nutrition needs.

Dedicated Health Coach:

Connects you with a dedicated health coach instantly.

Health & Wellness Solution Discovery:

Explore high-quality health solutions with certified personal coach.

Featured Services

Attain Your Personal Health Goals with hei

Weight Management

Get your effective personalized weight loss plan

Optimal Health

Transform your overall wellbeing both physical and mentally

Everyday Energy

Get your personalized energy boost plan to improve your personal productivity

Eat Well to Get Fit

Personalized exercise and diet plan that maximized your fitness & performance

Key Features of hei

How It Works

How hei can track and improve your health & wellness

Be Empowered

Take Charge of Your Health Start your smart self-care 12 weeks personalized health journey


Download hei for FREE

Download from iOS App Store or Google Play


Create Health Profile

Enter your personal lifestyle & biodata


Select Your Goals

Select your personal health & wellness motivation


Follow 12 Weeks Plan

The app will tap of your biodata to generate your 12-week personalized wellness and nutrition program that is powered by our exclusive machine learning algorithm, which, powered by millions of data points and your unique profile.


See & Track Progress

Use the app daily to track your progess


Client’s Reviews

How hei is helping our clients improve their health and wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for hei App

Here are the typical questions from our customers:

Your goals will be tailored completely to you by combining all the information from your questionnaire answers, test results and tracker data. We have reviewed tens of thousands of papers to ensure our recommendations are evidence-based and providing you with the most up-to-date, reliable science. ​ Each week you will receive new goals created for you by our team of doctors, dietitians, nutritionists and health coaches and powered by artificial intelligence. We aim to help you make gradual changes to your behaviors and habits which you can stick to, adapting you to a new lifestyle so you see lasting results. Approach your coach for recommendations on health tests such home-based DNA or gut microbiome test. These tests can provide valuable insights into your potential health and wellness predispositions.
Your next week’s goals will be made available every Sunday morning to give you some time to prepare for them. hei will notify you through push notification once they are ready. Please enable push notifications on your phone. ​ Each weeks' goals will highlight some key areas for you to focus on for the week, they will also build upon previous weeks' goals to help you make gradual, beneficial changes.
Your targets are recommended based on your primary health goal (e.g. weight loss, eat right to get fit, increase energy or improve overall health) and your current nutrition/activity levels. They are intended to be challenging, but achievable and bring you closer to your long-term goals. Your targets are reviewed on a weekly basis and if there’s data for at least 4 days of the previous week, the difficulty is adjusted based on your performance - e.g. if your step target last week was 2500, but you consistently outperformed it, we might make it a bit harder and recommend you to go for 3000 this week. However, if you’re not able to consistently hit this target yet or had a tough week, we might make it slightly lower to keep you motivated and bring you back on track.
Your data is used EXCLUSIVELY to provide you with personalized wellness recommendations unless you give an explicit consent to use it otherwise. We will UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, even with your consent, share your individual-level health data or survey responses with third parties in a way that can be used to identify you, except as required by law. With your explicit consent, we may include your anonymized health data and survey responses in aggregate data. Aggregate data is data from multiple users that has been combined to minimize the possibility of exposing individual-level information. We may use aggregate data for research, publish it in peer-reviewed scientific journals, share with third-parties for research, product development and support. For full details of hei’s privacy practices, read our Privacy Policy.
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Improve your health with our 12-week personalized wellness and nutrition program that is powered by our exclusive machine learning algorithm, which, powered by millions of data points and your unique profile.

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